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          Hello, welcome to the official website of Shenzhen Deemno Technology Co., Ltd.
          About us
          Ingenuity lasts forever, forging ahead

            Dimenglong Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and is located in Shenzhen, the land of innovation and entrepreneurship, with Dongguan as its production base. Initiated and established by people who have worked in the professional field for more than 10 years, starting from the silicone series electronic adhesives, through the concerted efforts of all the company's staff, the company has continuously enriched the company's product system, and carried out school-enterprise cooperation with universities. Now it can provide customers with Provide one-stop adhesive solutions, so that customers can feel at ease, assured and worry-free.The company implements the "three fast and one hundred" service, and creates the "Haier-style service" in the adhesive industry; insists on sharpening the high-quality brand with ingenuity, and strictly controls the quality lifeline. An international first-class enterprise in the industry.

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          Quality multiplication, square display
          No matter what is expensive, it is the best
          Power Electronics
          Power, transformer, sensor, high voltage switch, DC motor, solenoid valve, protector, server, voltage regulator, combination switch, smart socket, thermostat, relay, linear motor, brushless motor ... Product adhesive solution.
          Household appliance
          Air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, soymilk, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, sweeping machine, vacuum cleaner, rice cooker, induction cooker, microwave, electric toothbrush, pumping hood, gas stove ... and other product adhesive solutions .
          Electrical tools
          Electric drill, chainsaw, shock drill, polishing machine, cutting machine, laser, electric wrench, welding machine, jet, engraving machine, agitator, hot melt, electric grinder, mower, jack, electric scissors. ..... The product is rubber solution.
          Electronic scales, smart water meters, smart gauges, smart meters, inductors, optical instruments, blood pressure gauges, heart rate watches, pressure meters, wind gauge, temperature control instrument, optometry, alcohol tester ... and so on Use glue solutions.
          Electric cars, motorcycles, handling robots, shared bicycles, high-speed rail, subway, tram, electric vehicles, cable cars, rides, balancing cars, bus, routing vehicles, farms, taxi ... and so on Glue solution.
          Lighting lighting
          Explosion-proof lamps, industrial mine lamps, stage lights, wall lights, tunnel lights, lamps, lamps, ceiling lamps, track lights, laser lamps, LED light boards, signboard light boxes, car headlights, solar sensing lights ..... Equipment solutions.
          Communication network
          Talkie, switches, routers, radios, converters, wireless network card transformers, radio, transceivers, radar display, dialer, transmitter, shield, optical transceiver, landline ... and other glue solutions.
          Medical instruments
          Electronic thermometer, clean teeth, beauty instrument, sterilizer, magnetic resonance, health instrument, electrocardiogram, B-machine, wheelchair, ozone, eye protection, massage stick, massage foot bath, smart socks ... Wait for the product adhesive solution.
          New energy
          Lithium battery, wind equipment, solar group, power battery, water-saving equipment, supercapacitor, battery pack, photovoltaic products, marine equipment, geothermal equipment, power transmitter ... and other products.
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          Shenzhen Dimenglong Technology Co. , Ltd.

          Address: Building 1, Block C, 2nd floor, Huiye Science and Technology Park, Guanguang Road, Tangjia community, Fenghuang Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen City

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